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Comprehensive On-Site Support Project


A China-renowned technology company decided to globalize its marketing materials. Its legacy English version was not quite adapted to the target market and needed to be reproduced, and advertisement videos were added to better reach the audience. Through careful evaluation and thorough communication with the client, Giltbridge demonstrated its in-depth understanding of the project requirements and high competency for the job. Finally, the client chose Giltbridge as the sole vendor of this project.

1. This brand embodies a wide spectrum of Chinese elements and ancient Chinese poems and classics are frequently quoted in its marketing materials. However, the target audience of the English version of those materials are European and American clients, who are not quite acquainted with the Chinese culture; therefore, those contents must be culturally adapted to match the comprehension level of the audience.

2. This project also needed a native-speaker editor to edit the translations and dub the advertisement videos, and the editor must be master of both English and Chinese as well as have abundant dubbing experience.

3. For information security reasons, all the translation, editing, and dubbing jobs must be completed on client's site, and the schedule was very tight that the final translations and videos must be passed on to the next production phase once they were completed. These required the linguists to be highly experienced and efficient and able to work under pressure.


After clearly identifying the client's requirements, Giltbridge assigned its experienced linguists and native editor to establish a temporary project team. The linguists arrived on site immediately to learn about the client's products and communicate with the client on the project requirements, and then devoted to the translation phase. During translation, our linguists kept aligning with the client's requirements and project schedule, and then successfully delivered the translations before the expected deadline.

When the translation phase ended, our native editor arrived on the client's site and worked with our linguists to further polish the translations. They carefully weighed the words and expressions, and finalized the English version of marketing materials.

Immediately after that, our native editor began to dub the advertisement videos based on the translated materials. As the editor had participated in the previous phase and was very familiar with the content, the dubbing process went very well and smooth.


In this project, Giltbridge took advantage of its professional linguists and abundant project experience to address the client's complicated and comprehensive requirements. Every linguist and editor worked closely during each process and achieved high-quality and efficient delivery. The overall delivery quality was highly recognized by the client.