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DTP project


In 2017, a China-renowned retail enterprise made contact with Giltbridge on its training material DTP requests. The volume of the materials to be printed was very huge and had demanding quality requirements. The client hoped Giltbridge could help it with this project.


The source documents included 230 pages, and their original Word format must all be converted to Indesign format. The whole DTP process must be completed within seven days, and two versions of process documents must be provided to the client for evaluation.

Project difficulties:
• The original document layout was disordered and inconsistent. A huge number of pictures and tables needed to be adjusted.
• The original documents provided to us were not client's final documents, and many contents needed to be updated subsequently. The documents were not finalized until three days after the project kickoff.
• The client didn't provide its style guide, and our DTP engineers were expected to provide a DTP solution based on their best judgment.

Project process

1. Initially design and typeset the original source documents for client's evaluation. This step was completed within 0.5 days.
2. Carry out Indesign typesetting according to the client's confirmed design, and output the first PDF version for client's review. This step was completed within 2 days.
3. Update the Indesign documents according to client's suggestions and new requirements, and output the second PDF version for client's review. This step was completed within 2 days.
4. Optimize the Indesign documents according to client's new review comments, and output the third PDF version for client's review. Print out the final version upon the client's confirmation. This step was completed within 2 days.


This project was of demanding requirements and a tight schedule. The client also added numerous changes and requirements to the document contents after the project started. Giltbridge's project team assigned dedicated personnel to be responsible for this project and rapidly respond to the client's requirements. Our DTP engineers worked overtime and finally completed the final version at 3 o'clock in the morning of the expected delivery date. Our high-quality and timely project delivery won high praises from the client.