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Large-size listening translation and subtitle translation project


China International New Media Short Film Festival (CSFF) was held in Shenzhen jointly by The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China (SARFT) and Shenzhen Municipal Government. It was the only state-level international short film festival in China. The festival ceremonies included KingBonn Award Competition, KingBonn Award Presentation Ceremony, International Short Film Panorama, and International Short Film Director TEF Conference.


This project included two parts: film subtitle listening-translation and production.
When receiving the client's bidding invitation, Giltbridge immediately prepared and submitted relevant materials to the festival organizer. Owning to our professional capabilities and experience, Giltbridge finally won the bid.
The number of films that needed to be translated amounted to hundreds and required a very long file transfer period. Therefore, Giltbridge's project manager decided to visit the client and copy all the files on site.
After obtaining all the source films, our project team arranged linguists with good listening and comprehension skills to listen and translate the film voice parts, and then experienced editors to edit and proofread the draft translations. With such an effective process, the translation period was shortened and quality was ensured.
When the translations of the voice parts were completed, our technical engineers employed an advanced subtitle production method and adjusted timelines sentence by sentence to achieve the best subtitle effects.

项目总结-英文.pngIn order to complete all the short film translation and production before the festival, our translation team and technical engineers devoted a lot of efforts. Thanks to their hardworking, Giltbridge completed and delivered the project before the deadline, and contributed its lot to the successful launch of the short film festival.