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Large-size interpretation project


"Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum" was jointly organized by China National Development & Reform Commission, National Housing and Urban-Rural Development Ministry, and Shenzhen Municipal Government, and was a high-level international forum held in Shenzhen. During this two-day forum, experts from over tens of nations gathered together to discuss the latest low carbon program progresses, the new low carbon development mechanism, and urban-rural low carbon development directions.
The importance of this forum imposed demanding requirements on the interpretation service:
1. The forum participants included leaders and experts from China National Development & Reform Commission, National Housing and Urban-Rural Development Ministry, Shenzhen Municipal Government, Longgang District Government, and many world-renowned enterprises. Therefore, the interpretation service provided to the forum must be accurate, professional, and in real-time.
2. The forum schedule was tight and complicated. It involved 18 interpreters to participate. Therefore, an efficient and appropriate arrangement of these interpreters was key to the project success.
3. The forum included main sessions and panel sessions, which were proceeded simultaneously. During the forum, interpreters for all sessions must be timely in place to provide interpretation services.


When receiving the client's consultation, Giltbridge's marketing personnel immediately visited the client's office, discussed the project requirements and details with the client, and submitted a project plan to the client by the end of the day. Although the forum agenda changed several times later, Giltbridge still managed to submit the updated plan on the same day, which greatly helped the client's conference preparation and organization.
In order to ensure the successful forum operation, Giltbridge's personnel came to the forum venue two days before the forum to evaluate interpreters' working environment, test interpretation equipment, and gave suggestions to the forum organizer. At the same time, Giltbridge collected the forum materials and shared them with the interpreters, helping them get familiar with the project background and speeches.
On the first day of the forum, Giltbridge's personnel arrived at the forum venue six o'clock in the morning and assisted interpreters to prepare for the day's work. As there were multiple sessions and the schedule was tight, Giltbridge arranged several personnel to help the interpreters switch among different sessions.
On the second day of the forum, a total of seven sessions were held at the same time. Giltbridge's personnel efficiently allocated interpreters to their responsible sessions, and also made responsive adjustments based on the client's feedback on interpreters. Through Giltbridge's professional organization and fast responses, all the sessions were successfully held and interpreted.


After ten days of tense preparations and two days of careful operation, "Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum" was successfully held. By reliably providing interpretation services to this forum, Giltbridge had learned a lot:
l  Smooth communication is the basis of successful project rollout. Giltbridge had a lot of thorough and detailed communication with the client on such topics as project preparation, forum agenda, emergency handling, and interpreter allocation. These communication efforts contributed to the satisfactory service performance.
l  Abundant project experience allows Giltbridge to predict and discover potential issues before, during, and after the project. Our rich experience and concern to details guaranteed the successful project operation. For example, when we learned about the main venue was located in a remote area, we sent the detailed location map and route to our interpreters, helping them get to the venue on time.
l  Risk prediction and prevention is a valued capability for project personnel, and also an important factor to ensure the smooth forum arrangement. For example, in order to rapidly respond to any unexpected emergencies that might happen in the forum, Giltbridge suggested the organizer to add one or two interpreters as backup resources. It turned out that in the subsequent forum, one more session was added to the schedule based on foreign guests' requirements, and the backup interpreters played a key role in this new session.