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Website translation project


In 2002, WAP Forum and Open Mobile Architecture, two international organizations for standardization, were merged to become Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). By November that year, the number of OMA's member enterprises had reached 300, among which were many world-leading mobile carriers, equipment & network suppliers, information technology companies, application development enterprises, and content providers. Those members closely cooperated along the whole value chain to provide seamless mobile services to terminal users all around the world.
As the number of OMA members kept growing, OMA's influence in the world also rose rapidly. In order to capture more opportunities and increase its influence in the prosperous Asian mobile market, OMA decided to localize its website to Asian local languages. After evaluating many language service providers, OMA finally authorized Giltbridge to be responsible for building its Chinese website.

OMA required Giltbridge to first translate the existing content on its official website ( and then design and put online its Chinese website based on the translated content.


With a clear understanding of OMA's project requirements, Giltbridge decided to perform the project in two steps:
1) Localize the English website content into Chinese. The translation must be professional, accurate, and comply with the industrial characteristics.
2) After content localization, purchase website space, upload the translation onto the space, and test the display effect and operation of the Chinese website.

During the first step, owning to Giltbridge's professional and effective project operation, we achieved a high translation quality. We delivered the translated content along with terminology and translation memories to OMA, who were very satisfied with the deliverables, and approved us to continue with the second step – website design and upload.
In the second step, after thorough communication and preparation, Giltbridge carried out the following procedure to complete this step:
1. Purchase virtual space.
2. Upload the translation to website for technical processing.
• Localize source code. The English website was developed using WordPress, and its character code was ASCII. However, Chinese characters always adopted UTF8 code, so the WordPress program must be localized first.
• Localize the font. The program used the Cufon.replace font, which was a font for English letters and did not support Chinese characters; therefore, the css font must be replaced with Microsoft YaHei.
• Translation processing. Add html tags to the translated segments to ensure the display integrity.
3. Check and optimize webpage display effect, test the website operation, and notify the client to accept the project.


OMA highly recognized Giltbridge's efforts in launching its Chinese website (, and gave high praises to both the translation quality and subsequent website operation performance.