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Long-term staff outsourcing project


In 2010, a world-renowned French automobile company set up its branch office in Shenzhen. In order to introduce advanced automobile technologies to the Shenzhen office, many foreign technical experts were dispatched to China for technical communication. In this way, long-term onsite interpreters were in need to help foreign experts better communicate with Chinese technical personnel.


The client evaluated many famous language service providers in Shenzhen and finally selected Giltbridge as its major provider to offer French and English interpretation and document translation services. This project had the following requirements:

• A great number of linguists must arrive on site within a short period of time to support the smooth project rollout.
• The linguists must be familiar with the automobile and machinery fields.
• If the client found a certain linguist incapable, there must be a backup linguist for immediate replacement.

Project process

After confirming the client's project requirements and deadline, Giltbridge's staff outsourcing project department and human resources department collaborated to search for and screen appropriate candidates from our resourceful linguist database. After several rounds of interviews, the client finally employed most of our candidates.
After the first batch of linguists worked onsite, Giltbridge's project management personnel timely communicated with the linguists to understand their work and life difficulties, and helped them get commuter bus and working lunch services. At the same time, our project personnel also communicated with the client to learn about the linguists' performance, helped under-performed linguists to improve their work, and immediately replaced incapable linguists with backup resources.


Giltbridge's responsive and professional services helped foreign experts smoothly communicate with local employees. The client highly praised our expertise in staff outsourcing. In the following years, we have been constantly providing language services to the client to facilitate its factory construction and automobile production.