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Urgent translation project


An international energy enterprise wanted Giltbridge to translate 2 million words of underground gas storage solution documents within 23 days, and these documents were crucial to its bidding process.


The whole project included five underground gas storage construction solutions. All these documents were for bidding purposes and had high quality requirements.


• The schedule was very tight. As the project was for bidding purposes, it could not be delayed.
• The whole project included five solutions, among which the terminology and expressions must be consistent.
• The source files were not finalized and kept updating during translation.

Project process

1. When receiving the request, Giltbridge immediately established a temporary project team with 19 team members.
2. Before the project began, our project team collected terminology and commonly-used expressions and shared them to all translators.
3. After the project started, the project team was divided into five groups, who employed Giltbridge's advanced translation collaboration platform to ensure terminology and expression consistency and to simultaneously translate the five solutions.
4. The project team collected translators' queries once every two days, effectively communicated with the client, and eliminated potential quality issues.
5. The project team held a project communication meeting every morning, shared with all translators the client's updated information, query replies, and precautions. It also arranged dedicated personnel to collect and check the translated parts by the end of every day.
6. The editor team carefully edited the translations, timely communicated with translators on quality issues, and ensured high-quality deliveries.


Owning to our proper project management and adequate quality assurance measures, we completed all the translations and delivered them to the client before the deadline. With our high-quality translations, the client successfully won the bid. Our professional and effective team work spirit won high praises from the client.