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Long-term translation project


A large-size international enterprise had a huge number of translation requests owning to its fast business development. Therefore, it needed a reliable translation service provider to provide high-quality translation services.


This project had demanding requirements: The translation service provider must strictly follow the client's document style guide, meet its quality standard, and ensure a 100% on-time delivery. Therefore, it required the provider to invest great time and energy in building a dedicated linguist team for this project.
In addition, due to the client's business fluctuations, its translation requests were not stable. It caused difficulties in both satisfying delivery requests and controlling project costs.
Giltbridge valued this client and project very much and put great efforts in building a qualified team to meet the client's high delivery standards. Through constant adjustment and improvement, Giltbridge finally found out a way to best optimize its resources and to service this client.


During this cooperation, Giltbridge and its client held an open and mutually-understanding cooperation spirit. We faced difficulties together, and made improvements together. Now Giltbridge has become the client's trustworthy language service provider, and helped the client in enhancing document quality, exceeding its competitors, and gaining an industry-leading position.